CSIA Quebec

Policies of CSIA Québec

Registration, refunds and transfers

The events and activities offered by the CSIA Québec Committee can have limited spaces available. These events and activities might fill up well before the advertized deadline. If this happens, the CSIA Québec Committee will either add names of interested members to a waiting list when possible. Or, if not possible, we will sadly have to refuse registration.


  • Registration Deadline is 7 days before an activity or event takes place (unless otherwise indicated).
  • Registration fees may be higher if members register after the deadline (when possible to do so).
  • Lift tickets are not included in registration fees.

Cancellation or transfer requested by the participant:

  • No cancellation or transfer fee if request 7 days or more before the activity or event.
  • A 10% late fee will be charged if cancellation or transfer is requested between 6 days and 48 hours prior to the activity or event.
  • No refund if cancellation or transfer is requested less than 48 hours prior to activity or event.

Cancellation or transfer announced by CSIA Québec Committee

  • If the Committee must cancel an event or activity, all registration fees will be refunded to the participants.
  • If the Committee must change the date of an event or activity, any participant that cannot attend will be fully refunded.


The CSIA Québec Committee reserves the right to cancel an event or activity without prior notice. As well, the CSIA Québec Committee cannot be held responsible for any expenses incured to a participant, other than registration fees that will be fully refunded

If the weather is uncertain, please contact the ski resort where the event takes place to find out if they are open or not.

Please note that the CSIA Québec Committee will not cancel an event or activity because of bad weather (snow, rain, wind, cold). If the ski resort is open and lifts are operating, we'll be there!

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